Our Process : Silver Transitions

Our Process




Our primary responsibility is to understand the things that are important to you and how you prioritize them.  At our first meeting we will begin to gain a clear understanding of your values, concerns and objectives. Generally, we will also review your current situation and planning, and provide a written analysis and financial projections.  If we discover conflicts and problems we collaborate with your circle of advisors, and can then help you implement and follow up on your course of action.

At Silver Transitions, we put not only our own considerable experience to work on your behalf, but also the knowledge of the elite team of Nautilus Group professionals experienced in taxes, law, life insurance, accounting, and philanthropic planning. This coordinated approach helps ensure that all areas are considered in order to formulate the right course of action for you.

The Nautilus Group® as well as its member agents and employees do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice.