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Our Expertise

You spend years pursuing financial independence and then, through hard work and some smart decisions, you achieve it. But for all the answers a lucrative career or business provides, success breeds at least as many questions.

Just like your home, your business, and your relationships, financial wealth demands knowledge and attention to detail. At Silver Transitions, we offer you a vast depth of experience and insight to help you navigate your journey.

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Planning For Your Future

We help our clients to think about the future and create long term financial security. We have decades of experience helping people in every phase of life and we share what we have learned. Our very young clients, our less young clients, and the surviving families of our dear departed clients all benefit from our broad perspective.

Protecting Your Estate

We spend a lot of time thinking about what will happen years, and even generations, into your future. At the same time many of our clients are even more concerned with protecting their success from the day-to-day risks that are unique to entrepreneurs.

We help to enhance family security with:

  • Out of the box thinking about how to use trusts and alternative entities
  • Experienced Professional Resources
  • Supportive funding products from some of the most respected financial institutions

Creating Your Legacy

All of our clients are concerned with maintaining a good standard of living and creating long term financial security. However many want to create a lasting legacy. They want to make the world a better place for others; and for future generations in particular. Often this starts with enabling children to create their own opportunities. Sometimes it extends as far as making philanthropy the family business.

We help you to understand and fund your objectives for:

  • Supporting charitable organizations
  • Creating a family mission
  • Protecting family harmony

Planning For Your Business

If you are a business owner life is even more of a puzzle than for most people. You have to fit your responsibilities to your business in with your responsibilities to your family and community.

We can help with important preparations for the future that enable business succession, reward and retain key profit makers, and protect your assets from unnecessary taxes.

It’s a big puzzle, but we can help fit the pieces together so you can focus on what you do best.

We Are Here to Help You:

  • Crystallize your objectives
  • Evaluate your options
  • Put good plans in place
  • Monitor and optimize your plans year after year

Investment Philosophy

Often investment portfolios are delicately balanced. Our objective is to help you to coordinate your investments and investment managers so that each supports and strengthens the others. By working together with you and your investment managers we strive to keep your portfolio strong even when others are toppling.

We ensure that your investments complement each other by:

  • Helping to understand your liquidity needs so that you and your family don’t run out of time.
  • Coordinating and balancing the work of your existing managers and other advisors.
  • Identifying potential financial gaps and making personal introductions to highly respected money managers and top financial institutions.

Insurance Philosophy

Life insurance can provide a financial backstop for families at death and also during life. By blending term and cash value policies we create financial foundations to support families and businesses in good and bad times. We search for strong companies that have a long history of creating value for their policy owners.

We believe that:

  • Time invested in understanding the differences between policies, and how they work, is well rewarded.
  • Price, while important, is not a substitute for prudence and stability.
  • The insurance companies that we work with should be strong in every economic environment.

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